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Welcome - About The brand

Hello ! I'm Kenza, and I'm absolutely thrilled to welcome you at Yogi Now Studio.

Yogi Now Studio Kenza Kassabi about us and the brand

Our Core Values - The Pillars of Our Practice

At Yogi Now, our ethos is built on:

  • Enthusiasm: The spark that ignites our journey, Enthusiasm moves the world.

  • Commitment: To consistently show up empowered and disciplined.

  • Alignment: Maintaining integrity in every movement, on and off the mat.

  • Hard Work: It takes sweat and determination to reach our full potential. Bring your best to the mat.

  • Kindness: The heart of every action.

  • Empowerment: Building strength, balance, flexibility, and stamina - the four pillars of athleticism in yoga.

My Yoga Path and Training

For years, I believed that yoga was nothing more than stretching for lazy people who were too undisciplined to work out (I know, I cringe when I think about it). And it’s with this judgmental mindset that I attended my first yoga class in Bali at the age of 25. I didn't even buy that class, I only went because it was gifted to me. And honestly, it didn't take long that day for my perspective to completely change!

I had a real tough time trying to do half of the poses that even elderly students nailed easily.

I used to believe I was young and healthy, but I soon realized that I was merely alive in a body that felt stiff and weak.

Yoga has completely transformed my life, both physically and mentally. It humbled me because I thought I had all the answers, only to realize I knew nothing at all. Yoga helped me discover my true strength, both on and off the mat, and realize the true meaning of wellness and strength.

Now I'm determined to share yoga for empowerment with as many people as possible.

Why I Teach

Teaching yoga is not just my profession; it's my way of adding value to your lives. Every class, every session is an opportunity to explore new strengths, gain fresh perspectives, and equip you with tools to navigate life confidently and resiliently.

The Birth of 'Yogi Now'

The concept of 'Yogi Now' sparked during a 10-Day silent meditation retreat. The idea of creating a platform for yoga, health, and empowerment kept resonating with me, it had been lingering in my mind but began to take shape during that retreat. 

During one of the meditation sessions, the name 'Yogi Now' came to mind, and resonated within me so clearly, almost audibly. It was a moment of undeniable clarity and conviction. It was perfect – it represented presence, and a commitment to the 'now'.

This idea wasn't just about creating a website on Yoga, meditation, health, and empowerment. It was about crafting a personal brand, a standalone identity that could eventually evolve into a physical space - a yoga studio and a vibrant community hub. A place where people come together to practice yoga, deepen their meditation, nourish their bodies with organic delicious food, and radiate their inner glow.

Since that moment, 'Yogi Now' has not only been a name but a commitment, a path I've chosen to bring to life. This name represents our journey – one of growth, empowerment, and community. It's a promise to offer a space where we can all gather to practice, grow, fuel, and glow together.

My Teaching Philosophy

As a 400-hour certified yoga teacher, my aim and goal is to make yoga enjoyable and accessible. Each class is tailored to strengthen the six dimensions of human experience: body, energy, mind, heart, awareness, and soul.

It's my way of adding value to your lives. To hopefully help you peel off those layers holding you back from shining your true light.

Join Me

I invite you to join me at Yogi Now Studio, whether it's through our classes, workshops, or retreats. Here's to making every moment count, to living in the now, and to growing together in this beautiful community.

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Thank you, as always, for reading. AND for inviting me to be a part of your world.
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