Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Hey there, yogi! 🌸

I have been practicing since 2016 and it's been a truly intense, beautiful, and life changing path.

When I decided I wanted to share this science (because it truly is), with the world, a huge shifting part was being trained by one of the most recognized and respected yoga teachers of our time. 

I wanted to be trained by the very people who helped transform my life, who gave me the keys to unlock my own full potential. I know how sceptic and stubborn I can be, so I knew that if they touched me, taught me and empowered me, they're the teachers I want to be trained by too.

I have done two indepedent Yoga Teacher Trainings in the last 3 years by- First one with Briohny Smyth at the Aligned Yoga School, then deepened the knowledge with Travis Eliot and Lauren.

And since I'm also really into how health and diet impact our well-being, I went ahead and got certified in Ayurveda as well. This way, I can bring a bit of holistic health care into my yoga classes too!

Experiences that have profoundly shaped both my practice and teaching.

This is more than a credential that I am sharing below; it's a promise of quality, care, and authenticity in every class, course, or retreat you join with me.

You're in safe, skilled hands.

Interested in starting your yoga teacher training? Reach out, and I'll gladly answer any of your questions.



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Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours kenza kassabi yogi now studio certificate
Kenza Kassabi Ayurveda certificate

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